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Author: Subject: A. 002. The Evil Robbers
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[*] posted on 7-9-2013 at 02:36 PM
A. 002. The Evil Robbers

Translated by Joel Meador

1. Robbers have always liked forests of pine,
From the pine forests ladders are made,
Then they are placed against the windows,
Yes, against the windows they are laid.

2. Everyone is resting, everyone is sleeping,
Of all the people in the house,
Only a young lad was not asleep,
He was actually keeping watch ‘or the house.

3. ‘Tell us young man, tell us where,
The master and his mistress are sleeping?’
“I’ll say nothing about my master,
I am indeed a faithful servant in his keeping.”

4. ‘If you do not tell us faithful servant,
We are going to take off your head.’
“Then I really prefer to tell you,
Yes, I would rather, than lose my head.”

5. “In the first chamber over there,
Sleep the master and the mistress,
Near by in the second chamber,
The little children lie in steadfastness.”

6. “Past that is the third chamber,
Where keys under the rug you’ll find,
Next, hidden in the fourth chamber,
The family treasure under the floor of pine.”

7. Alas, the master was soon struck dead,
And the mistress was driven away,
Yes, the master was then struck dead,
And his mistress was driven away.

8. An instant later they came farther,
To the mistress they said so polite,
‘Take a look around, a long look around,
You, such a beautiful young wife.’

9. ‘Look around you, yes, look around you,
Please tell us once offhand,
Are you not sorrowful about your man,
Oh yes, your handsome young husband?’

10. “I’ll simply travel to another land,
Where I’ll find another man,
Another one even more handsome,
Oh yes, I’ll find another man.”

11. A moment later they came again,
They began to speak to the wife:
‘Take a look around, yes, take a look around,
You beautiful lovely young wife.’

12. ‘Take a look around you, take a look around,
And about your beautiful new house,
Please just tell us once again,
Are you not sorrowful about your house?’

13. “I’ll travel to another land,
I’ll probably find another house,
I know I’ll find another one,
Yes, a much nicer, ever newer house.”

14. A little later they came again,
And they again spoke to the wife:
‘You must take a look around you,
You beautiful lovely young wife.’

15. ‘Look around, yes, look around,
Just tell us now one time:
Are you sorrowful for your children,
Your little babies, all so kind?’

16. “I am not sorrowful over the children,
My little babies, so loveable and neat,
Except for more than any single one,
Just my little Kathinka, oh, so sweet.”

17. “Yes, she was my youngest,
In her little tub she often bathed,
Yes, she was my most beautiful,
And with her little apples she often played.”

18. “I am most sorrowful for her,
My dear sweet little Kathinka,
I am most sorrowful for her,
Oh, my dear sweet little Kathinka.”

19. The robbers, they came once again,
They drew out the sharpen sword,
Lifted it over the wife’s dainty head,
And suddenly let if fall without a word.

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