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Author: Subject: 000.001 1844 Kilian Case
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[*] posted on 10-19-2016 at 09:10 PM
000.001 1844 Kilian Case

Kilian Case Synopsis

According to Christian Symmank, the files are about the situation approximately 10 years before the Wends left in 1854, when Jan Kilian crossed an international border to serve the Old Lutherans in Prussia. which is also mentioned briefly in George Nielsen's book "Johann Kilian, Pastor" on the pages 22 and 23.

The "Oberkirchenkollegium" was no authorized board, neither by church nor by government. At that time no permit was being processed to allow Kilian to travel between Saxony and Prussia. On the contrary, Kilian already performed actions as clergyman on the basis of dimissorial letters by pastor Gessner, who was not authorized to make out such letters. So Kilian's travels for pastoral purposes became a diplomatic matter between Prussia and Saxony. This is what the files are about.

According to George Nielsen, Weigersdorf was founded in 1843 and all of these letters were from 1844. Kilian was performing the sacraments without state authorization and Gessner from Silesia also had no authority. Kilian was forced to stop. The next year in 1845 Prussia permitted the congregations to be formed so Weigersdorf, etc became a legitimate parish and there are no more diplomatic exchanges because Gessner was now state approved, and Gessner then approved Kilian to help with that Prussian parish while he still served his Saxon parish. Kilian moved to Prussia in 1848.

The synopsis by Christian Symmank -

- First letter (June 7, 1844) from Prussia to Saxony: Kilian is a supporter of the separated (fanatic) congregations in Prussia. Prussia would like to avoid a compulsory expulsion and asks Saxony to take measures to prevent Kilian from his encroachments.

- Second letter (September 21, 1844) from Prussia to Saxony: Prussia wants to know about the taken measures and their results.

- Third letter (October 8, 1844) from Saxony to Prussia: Saxony has taken measures to hold Kilian accountable. Kilian has answered in justification letter (not available) in which he admitted having performed pastoral actions. He referred to dimissorialletters by pastor Gessner. Saxony would like to forbid those actions, threatening to suspend Kilian from office. But first they want to know more about the relationship between Gessner and the Wendish Lutheran congregation in Prussia.

- Fourth letter (October 11, 1844) from Saxony to Prussia: Saxony sent the dimissorial letters by pastor Gessner and the justification letter by Kilian as originals to Prussia.

- Fifth letter (November 10, 1844) internal Saxony: The "Ober-Kirchen Collegium" mentioned by Kilian is no official or authorized board. They arrogated a position to themselves which necessarily required sovereign approval. All calls for and ordinations of the separated clergymen lack official approval. So they have no power to perform pastoral actions in Prussia. Gessner was not authorized to make out dimissorial letters. So Kilian cannot justify his actions with those letters. Kilian has to be cautioned.

- Sixth letter (November 12, 1844) from Prussia to Saxony: Almost the same content like the fourth letter.

- Seventh letter (December 7, 1844) from Saxony to Prussia: It is enacted that Kilian will be reprimanded and be made aware of that. In case of recurrence he will be suspended.

- Eighth letter (July 30, 1845) from Prussia to Saxony: A certain Appelt student of the mission school in Dresden frequently visited the separatists in Prussia. Since he stays longer than absence might be allowed by his superiors, his superiors probably know about the visits. Saxony should prevent Appelt from his encroachments.

- Ninth letter (September 15, 1845) from Saxony to Prussia: Saxony already had knowledge about the activities of Appelt and tried to detain him. But Appelt already left Dresden to London to travel to his place of destination. A decree is issued to prevent students to travel to the separatists in Prussia.

The complete translation would take some time. But it will bring only few new insight. Maybe it would be more sensible to do it as we go along parallel to the other documents you sent December 22. Unless somebody would be interested because he/she wants to write an scientific article.

The attachment shown below is the transliterated but untranslated content of the file located in the:
Geheimes Staatsarchiv, Preussischer Kulturbesitz,
Archivstrasse 12/14
14195 Berlin (Dahlem)

Attachment: Kilian 1844 Case.pdf (66kB)
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