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Author: Subject: 18. Hyd Budźemy so Widźeć Něhdy - Hope in Sorrow
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[*] posted on 10-19-2016 at 01:25 PM
18. Hyd Budźemy so Widźeć Něhdy - Hope in Sorrow

18. Hyd budźemy so widźeć něhdy
(Choral, Eternity)

Written by Jan Kilian

Music: Moderato

1. Hyd bu-dźe-my so wi-dźeć ně-hdy
ze wit-kej zł-sce tor-hnje-ni,
da bu-dźe spo-mi-na-nje lě-dy,
to du-cy dom smy wu-sta-li.

2. Nam chce so herbstwa njebjeskeho,
sej swědčimy, hyd je nam zlě,
so horjo časa nětčieho
njej hdne tamnej krasnosće.

3. Ki to wo Chrysta česć so rudźa,
ći swjeći křianoerjo, s
o tam ka słnco swěćić budźa
a w běłej drasće zjewić so.

4. Hdy k iwym rlam wumene
so zbne syły powjedu,
da witke sylzy budźa strjene,
ki z wočow w cuzbje běachu.

5. Jerusalem we swětle hlada,
kak rjane Boe jehnjo je.
t přińdźe tam, sej njepoada,
to zemja lube mějee.

6. Jow Chrysta mamy zjewjeneho
we słowje hiće potajnym,
tam budźemy pak widźeć jeho,
kak myto dawa wobstajnym.

7. Tam swojoh Knjeza z wjesołosću
my doma chcemy wohladać.
Wn pytał nas je ze smilnosću,
tam chcemy so mu dźakować.

8. Ow posylńmy da mučnej ruce
a wustawace kolena!
So zbudźmy, bratřa, k njebju ducy,
na swěrnych čaka wěčna mzda.

18. Hope in Sorrow

Translated by Viera Buzgova 2010
Lyrics by Martin Doering 2010

1. When we again shall see each other's face,
from pain and evil drawn away,
our memories will hardly recollect
all that we suffered on the way.

2. We yearn to witness heaven's glory now
while we are struggling through these times;
that searching hope endures the sorrows here
and strives to see the home divine.

3. Disciples following the way of Christ
commit to cross and suffering;
yet when the resurrection brightly dawns
a brilliant light shall robe our King.

4. When we are called to drink the spring of life
and taste salvation's holy pow'r,
all tears and sorrows shall be washed away
as sweetness floods away the sour.

5. The New Jerusalem shall see the sight:
how beautiful the living Lamb
and those who come by faith into that light
receive the bounty of that land.

6. Here, we behold the Christ revealed to us
in sacraments and written Word;
there we shall stand and see him face-to-face
as his eternal voice is heard.

7. In heaven's home shall we rejoice to see
our Lord in glory, throned on high.
He looks for us with mercy in his face;
there we shall thank the Lord for aye.

8. Let hopeful courage strengthen weary hands;
let faith's resolve heal wounded knees.
Rise up, beloved, strive to meet the dawn
and gain the rest your soul believes.

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