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Author: Subject: 001.000 Johann Pallmer's "Wanderbuch"
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[*] posted on 8-22-2015 at 10:05 PM
001.000 Johann Pallmer's "Wanderbuch"


zimmermann.jpg - 6kB

German Journeyman Carpenter

(This travel book contains sixty four numbered pages)

Travel Book

for the Journeyman Carpenter
Johann Pallmer
from Bederwitz near Bautzen in the kingdom of Saxony

Per Regulations
contained in the Royal Saxon Mandate of December 7th 1810,
Article III, Paragraph 3, of January 25th 1825 paragraphs 8 and 9
and of 22nd of September 1826.


relative to military duty of the holder of
this travel book.

The holder has satisfied his military obligation in 1851
and is released due to lack of fitness
and can travel at home or abroad without restriction.
Bautzen, the 29th of April 1852
Police Dispatch office


In accordance with the standing laws of the kingdom of Saxony the following regulations, among others, apply with respect to travel by servants and journeymen:
1) Every traveling servant or journeyman shall refrain from unnecessary roaming and especially begging;
2) Shall be satisfied with any living allowance (gift) received from private or public coffers;
3) Direct his travel only to such places where there are gentlemen or masters of his trade or profession;
4) Remain in a place, where he can’t find work, no longer than 24 hours, without official permission;
5) Shall, when he moves on, not only to the next place he plans to travel to, but also, whether he found work at this place or not or why he may not, to begin with, have accepted offer of work, have the local police department make notation in his travel book.
6) A journeyman who entered without the permission as described in (5) shall be denied his allowance in total, but in no event shall he be allowed to avoid a new threescore penalty prior to the review of his confiscated travel book which should have been turned in at his arrival for safe keeping, until then, by the authorities.
7) Upon its determination, the journeyman shall leave the place immediately, and if he stays there for another night, without the explicit permission noted in the travel book, he shall be punished with an eight day prison penalty.
8) Every journeyman who, according to his travel book, has traveled around in this country for four weeks without having worked or who sets foot onto by-ways, or who, in both cases, can’t justify his actions satisfactorily, shall be viewed to be a vagabond, and if he is a foreigner shall be forced across the border, but if he is a native he shall be punished in accordance with existing rules of law pertaining to vagabonds and shall, after determination, be delivered to the state worker institution.
9) Trade journeymen and other non-guilded industrial assistants, who have already reached their 40th year of life, are not permitted to travel in the kingdom of Saxony.
10) Whoever has lost track of his travel book in any manner must, upon noticing this problem, alert the nearest authority, or, if not too distant, the authority where it was last viewed who, thereupon, or when it detected the problem will, in accordance with appropriate lawful rules, after determination, issue a new identification or else arrange for the requisites.
11) Who falsifies or allows his travel book to be falsified will receive a jail sentence of 8 to 14 days or, under aggravated circumstances, as determined, will be delivered to serve from three months to one year at the state work house in Zwickau.

Description of the Bearer

Christian Name: Johann
Surname: Pallmer
Profession: Carpenter
Birth Place: Bederwitz, near Bautzen in the Kingdom of Saxony
Year of Birth: 1831. /: April 4th :/
Stature: large and strong
Hair: blond
Forehead: vaulted
Eyebrows: blond
Eyes: blue grey
Nose: small
Mouth: proportioned
Beard:: blond
Chin: round
Face: oval
Face Color: healthy
Special Marks: missing

Signature of the traveler in his own hand
Signature002.25.jpg - 8kB

Bearer of this travel book has learned the carpenter profession in three years according to the local requirements and was proclaimed journeyman on Whitsuntide 1851, has been working as such since then, behaved himself exemplary well this whole time. The personal tax rate has been adjusted accordingly and is willingly released to Dresden.
Bautzen, April 29th, 1852
Police Dispatch Office

Travel permission was granted to the following places on the dates shown:

No. 229
To Dippoldiswalde From Dresden
Tuesday, on the 3rd of May 1852
{Seal of “City of Dresden”}

To Freiberg
From Dippoldiswalde on the 5th of May 1852
The City Council, {Seal of “Dippoldiswalde”}

To Chemnitz
From Freiberg, the 6th of May 1852
City Police Department, {Seal of “Freiberg”}

To Zwickau
From Chemnitz on the 7th of May 1852
City Police Department, {Seal of “Chemnitz”}

To Werden
From Zwickau, the 5/9 1852
[signature], {Seal of “City Council, Zwickau”}

To Waldenburg
Royal Department of Justice
From Werden, the 5/9 1852
{Seal of “Royal Department of Justice, Werden”}

To Leipzig
From Waldenberg, on the 10th of May 1852
The City Police Department, {Seal of “Council/Police Department of Waldenberg”}

To Halle
Stayed here
From Leipzig, May 15th ’52
Office of the Police, {Seal of “Police Department of the City of Leipzig”}

Number 4601
Good to Cocthen in two days
From Halle, on the seventeenth of May
1800 and fifty two
The Magistrate, [signature]
{Seal of “Magistrate of the City of Halle”}

No. 3305
To Magdeburg
From Cocthen, the 18th of May 1852
L. Police Department
[signature], {Seal of “H.A. Police Department in Cocthen”}

To Hamburg over Braunschweig in ten days
From Magdeburg, 17th July 1852
Owner stayed here to work
Royal Police Authority
J. A. [signature}, {Seal of “Police, Magdeburg”}

Owner has worked since July 26th of this year with good behavior in this community, Hamburg, Oct 6th 1852
The office of the housing agency, {Seal of “ The Hustimerlud Ametz…..”}

Good to Bautzen
Owner has behaved well to date at this place
From Hamburg, Jan 25th 1854
The Police Department
For the Senior Police, [signature], {Seal of “Hamburg Police Department”}

After a stay here, on to Hamburg
From Bautzen, the 4th of Feb. 1854
Police Dispatch Agency
{Seal of “Police = Dispatch Agency of Bautzen”}

No. 4690/3338
Valid to Bautzen
Owner stayed here
From Hamburg, the 14th of Feb. ‘54
The Police Department, For the Senior Police [signature], {Seal of “Police Department of Hamburg”}

To Bautzen
Owner delayed here
From Hamburg, the 15th of Feb. 1855
[signature], {Seal of “Police Department of Hamburg”}

After a successful stay
again to Bautzen
From Dresden
On the 21st of Feb. 1855
Royal Police Authority, [signature], {Seal of “Royal Police Authority of Dresden”}

To Herrnhut
From Bautzen, the 22nd of Feb. 1855
Police = Dispatch Agency
{Seal of “Police = Dispatch Agency of Bautzen”)

[No more entries]

Translated by John Buerfeind and Weldon Mersiovsky of the Wendish Research Exchange of the Texas Wendish Heritage Society and Museum, 1011 CR 212, Giddings, TX 78942-5940. (

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