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Author: Subject: A. 276. Wedding Greeting
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[*] posted on 9-5-2014 at 01:56 PM
A. 276. Wedding Greeting

The good blessing of heaven
This message brings for your wedding

Translated by Ed Bernthal

All the good at this time
That the new spring brings to us
All depend on God’s blessings
Without whom nothing will succeed
All that comes from the sun
To the joy and delight of the farmer
All that is green in nature
All nature in bloom.

All is starting to arise softly
Also that which has no life
All kinds of plants
Trees, bushes, grass and seeds
The water in the brook speaks
Murmuring over the stones
Everything is ringing in your ears
Everything is leaping into your eyes.

You hear them singing in the forest
Thousands of birds all together
In the hills you hear their ringing
So that it echoes in the valleys
Larks are soaring up in the sky
They can hardly be seen by your eyes
Singing there so happy and free
Their “trilom, trilom, trei”.

Sprosser, yes he can above all
Any other bird, sing like him
Everyone listens with satisfaction
In the early morning sunrise
You hear his complaint at night
That hits you with all his might!
Whom do you think he is calling so loud
Might it not be his bride?

See! Here she comes flying
Flutters close around him
Drawn by his voice
As a dear wife to her dear husband
They will get along well
Each concerned about the other one
When he brings it to her on the branch
And lays the moss in the nest.

When she now begins to breed
He carries food to her
Never tires of protecting her
Who has to sit quietly on the nest
Then they are united in caring
For the dear tender little ones
To bring them up, to instruct them
As they sing and fly.

All declares the full care of God
For both of these small animals
So when two people want to be united
Is this therefore any wonder?
When it happens in godly homes
All in honor, free and open
Then falls on them the blessings of the Father
Who sends them health and good fortune.

See Hans Schultz from Rollwitz
Hurrying to the mill
Wants to see how the water is
To lead it over the dam
High water, that makes damage
Low water drives the wheel very well
Yet, however the order has to be here
Schultz needs water for the beer.

What else is he still looking for
What else does he want to do?
He asks about wheat flour for baking
Wants it ground right away
He also will help to catch crabs
He has a desire for such fare
And the miller promises much
But does not catch any crabs.

The miller needs Schultz at times
When the mill has stopped for him
And he had to hurry to help him
When he wanted to have a wife
So you see that the one hand washes
Always the other, his attention
However has everyone
Who is good at talking.

At all times take
Care that each has time for each one
Among the many wedding guests
When there is a great wedding
You have good flour, my miller
Shake my hand, my flour provider
From your flour here will be made
Good cakes, believe me.

Soon Schultz and the miller both
Are in agreement, as I am telling you
In a short time Shultz gladly sends
Out the wedding proposal
Asks and says very manly
‘Kaetchen, do you want Hansens?’
“Yes!” Now she has accepted very quickly.

Then he also is asked before the wedding
How he got engaged
Told the wedding pair
To take this word very seriously
Is this your first desire, I ask
As it should be, so say so now
‘Hans, do you take Kaetchen here?
“Yes, surely yes!” One man, one word.

All soon came to an end
Soon the wedding vows were spoken
Soon hand in hand
They were sitting at the table
Hans had entered a man’s world
Kaetchen became a wife
So you see, people, what must be
Is sent and it makes all work out well.

While now in the days of spring
All love and pair themselves
We would say to our bridal couple
That we wish them all the best
May God grant you all the good
And work in you the gift
That in love and constant faithfulness
You may be united in your marriage.

Just as the pair of nightingales
Are beautifully united
In a marriage what lasts
Is the unity of the spouses
I need not learn to fly
Or to flee to the stars
What the flight of the birds does
That pray for day by day.

By patience and chaste living
By the light of the examples
Love and give careful attention
Often also to a strict face
So you will lead all the people
To get up from their falls
And to reach for maturity
And once also to salvation.

Now may God give you His blessing
May he be with you at all times!
What we write you today
Carry out in united happiness
May He grant you His grace
Guide you into His paths
Make your crosses to be light
That it may be like heaven to you

Among His gifts of blessing
Should there be a little Markus
And then you also must have
A Jacob dear and small
All good fortune be granted to you
Marriage blessings, a peaceful home
That you may see freshly blooming
Children to the fourth generation.

And finally now, accept in love
This Wendish writing
Then in the same loving way
I remain always devotedly yours
Even though it is not thoroughly cooked
It is still a special roast
For in the Wendish land
One does not often do such a wedding writing.

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