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The Citizen's Oath in Wendish (1532)

mersiowsky - 5-10-2017 at 08:53 PM

This document is purported to be the oldest extant document in history to be written in Wendish.

Gerald Stone's translation:
The Citizen's Oath in Wendish.

"I swear to God and to our most gracious lord, Lord Ferd[inand] the King of Bohemia and his gracious heirs and to all future kings of Bohemia, and to the burgermeister and council of the town of Budissin to be faithful, obedient and submissive in the daytime and the night, when I shall be called upon by them, and to stand with the council in all matters which they consider better, and to seek the best for them. And to avert the worst for them, so help me God and His sacred word."

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