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Sichra, Inge: The Agency of Mothers and Fathers

mersiowsky - 2-17-2018 at 01:03 PM

Lětopis Abstract 2017 2: Sichra, Inge: The Agency of Mothers and Fathers

It can generally be maintained in relation to cultural and linguistic security that it assumes a symbolic character and has no actual effect on language retention, language diffusion, the extension of language functions and revitalization of the indigenous languages. Despite declarations of their official status, all indigenous languages in Latin America have minority character and continue to lead a minority existence, with correspondingly progressive language decline. In the context of timid, contradictory and rhetorical language policy in general, bottom-up movements are starting to see language policy from the perspective of agency, recognizing that language security is at most a matter for those affected, and certainly not a matter for the state. Indigenous academics have seized the initiative in the realm of the family, traditionally "neglected“ by language policy, and are bringing up their children in their mother tongue. The first reactions, successful experiences and regressions, but above all the resonance of the behavior of these "improper“ mothers and fathers in their families and surroundings, are presented in this article.