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Wenzel, Walter: The Slav Tribal Names Neletici and Nudzici

mersiowsky - 10-6-2016 at 10:18 PM

Lětopis Abstract 2016 1: Wenzel, Walter: The Slav Tribal Names Neletici and Nudzici

It is well known that in every language tribal and landscape names provide us with some of the earliest examples of vocabulary passed down to us. Ernst Eichler has closely examined forty archaic formations from the Old Sorbian language area with regard to their origin, structure and meaning in a special study. Two of these are given new interpretations here: Neletici, the name of four different Slav tribal areas, is interpreted as deriving from the late Proto-Slavonic Nelětici ʻpeople of the Nelět'; Nelětʹ is an ancient, apotropaic forename. The most likely explanation for Nudzici is that it comes from late Proto-Slavonic Nudʹźici ʻpeople of the NudʹźaNudʹźa is, however, not to be understood as a nickname for a poor person in need, but as an old wishing name, whose basic meaning occurs in Proto-Slavonic nuditi ʻto force, compel,ʼ indicating a person, who is able to defeat his opponent in battle. In conclusion, three place names from near the river Saale are examined, which all derive from the late Proto-Slavonic tribal name Chъrvati ʻKroatenʼ and today are called Korbetha.