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Blidy, Monika: Bolesław Lubosz – A Silesian Ambassador for Lusatia

mersiowsky - 10-6-2016 at 10:28 AM

Lětopis Abstract 2012 1: Blidy, Monika: Bolesław Lubosz – A Silesian Ambassador for Lusatia

This article draws a portrait of the lyric poet, journalist and translator, Bolesław Lubosz (1928–2001), who distinguished himself with his high personal commitment to the dissemination of Sorbian literature and culture in Silesia. His interest in the Sorbs found expression in a number of journalistic and literary critical articles (in publications including the cultural journals “Poglądy” and “Zaranie Śląskie”). He edited two anthologies of Sorbian prose and lyric poetry in Katowice (1982 „Latarnia. Wspσłczesna nowela łużycka;“ 1993 „Z biegiem Strugi, z biegiem lat. Antologia powojennej poezji Serbo-Łużyczan“). As a result of the language skills he acquired from his Slavonic studies in Krakow, he was able to translate works of Sorbian writers adequately into Polish (e. g. Martin Nowak-Njechorński: „Mišter Krabat,“ Jurij Koch: „Wišnina“). Not least of his achievements were the numerous meetings with Sorbian authors, journalists, academics, artists and other creative artists, which he organised in and around Katowice, and he was also active as an author of poems with Sorbian or Lusatian themes.