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Serbske Nowiny: 1886

mersiowsky - 8-3-2016 at 05:00 PM


14 Aug, p. 282: Prilopk.


From Australia. Mr Dejka (Doecke) of Steinthal, one of the faithful readers [of the] Serb. Nowin. there, has sent a letter to the editor in which he writes of the great drought prevailing in Australia and of the misery it has caused. Already last year the harvest was destroyed by a great drought in many areas. That is also the reason why the harvest this year has failed. We sow grain crops here in autumn and at the beginning of winter, at which time rain falls instead of snow. But because last year there was very little rain, barely half the crop sprouted, and because even after the summer grain crop had been sown there was no rain, we could expect only a poor harvest. Because of the long drought everything on the fields and meadows perished. Many cattle and especially sheep died, because they could not find food. Our region has few wells and for that reason water is collected in cisterns. But because no rain came for such a long time, they dried up and human beings fell into great need. For months on end they had to travel long distances to get water. You can easily imagine that that is very troublesome and costs the farmers a lot of money. But owing to failed harvests farmers have run out of money and have incurred debts. Then the poverty of the farmers depresses trade and commerce. Every day you can hear of bankruptcies. Such sad circumstances as this year have never before been known in Australia.