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New book about the Wends by Gerald Stone

mersiowsky - 11-6-2015 at 10:59 AM

Click on the link below to get the new book by Gerald Stone.

Slav Outposts-Gerald Stone book

ThorndaleWend - 4-30-2017 at 02:04 PM

Just finished reading this book-found the World War 2 through present interesting as I have read a lot about the era but had not placed the Wends in the events. More interested in the Lusatian Wends though I found the Pomeranian Wends interesting. Somewhere, sometime in my reading I came across a story that said the Vikings would raid Wendish settlements on the Baltic, take prisoners and sell them as slaves along their routes into the interior of Eurasia. I now understand that there were indeed Wends on the Baltic coast-my understanding of Wends was confined to Lusatia. Praise Gerald Stone for having a gift for language-is someone recording dead languages for posterity or is that a futile thing to do if no one understands it?