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Niederneukirch, Saxony

mersiowsky - 9-27-2014 at 07:33 AM

Niederneukirch - Wikipedia

From Meyers Orts:
Niederneukirch, Lusatia, village and knight’s estate, on the Wessnitz River; Saxony, county office, government district office, military district office is in Bautzen, lower district court is in Bischofswerda, Saxony, civil registration office is in Oberneukirch; 2,689 residents in 1910; post office, telegraph, telephone, and train station with telegraph 2 km: Bischofswerda-Zittau Line, Schanbau-Niederneukirch Line; flower shop, mesh fence manufacturer, saw mill, foundry, weavers, granite quarry. Including tavern called “Auf dem Valtenberg,” train station 2.5 km; steam spa, tavern called Georgenbad, train station 2 km; Eidelsberg house, train station 4 km in Oberneukirch; part of Halbe Freihufe, train station 2 km, “In der Haarthe,” train station 1.5 km, Rupprechtshaeufer, train station 3 km, Steinhuebel, train station 2 km, Valtenhaeufer, train station 1.5 km, Viehbig, train station 2 km; Wustliche estate, train station 2.5 km.