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Maltitz, Saxony

mersiowsky - 9-27-2014 at 07:25 AM

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From Meyers Orts:
Maltitz, 1) by Weissenberg, village and knight’s estate, left side of the Loebau Creek, Saxony, county office is Bautzen, government district office, lower district court is in Loebau, Saxony, military district office is in Zittau, civil registration office, post office, and train station is 2.5 km in Weissenberg government district office in Loebau; 300 residents in 1910; railroad with passenger service only: Loebau-Radibor Saxony Line. To the village: group of homes called Wasserkretcham, train station 2.5 km, railroad with passenger service only 1 km. To the knight’s estate: outlying farm or manor called Kleintettau.