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B. 197. The Child Murderer

mersiowsky - 9-5-2015 at 07:03 PM

(From Mr. P. Bronisch in Jessen)
Translated by John Buerfeind

There came a beautiful maiden
To the well to fetch water;
A very old cousin approached her,
Quite old and grown very grey.

Pretty maiden, give me something to drink!
The water is not pure, old cousin,
It is full of oak leaves.

Pretty maiden, the water is pure enough,
But you are not clean.

Take note, my God looks after me,
He can forgive me my sins.

The maiden went to church,
Behind her the grass withered,
Ahead the stones bled.

The maiden walked through the cemetery,
And nine graves opened up.

The maiden entered the church,
Followed by nine souls.

The oldest jumped on her neck,
And smashed in her head.

That is payback, dear mother!
You killed nine of us;

You still move around in circles,
You still serve the world of the sinful,
And the angry, godless ones.

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