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B. 105. The Visit at the Grave

mersiowsky - 8-15-2015 at 11:04 PM

(From Burk)
Translated by John Buerfeind

God bless you, old woman!
Where is your Annie?
Didlomdajom dilomda,
Where is your Annie?

‘Annie is not at home,
She is buried in the grave.
Didlomdajom dilomdai,
She is buried in the grave.’

‘Today is just the third day,
Since she was carried away,
Didlomdajom didlomdai,
Buried at the cemetery.’

The lad turned his horse around,
Reversed to the cemetery,
Didlomdajom didlomdai,
Reversed to the cemetery.

He went around three times,
Stopped at her grave,
Didlomdajom didlomdai,
Stopped at her grave.

“Hanka say, what gives,
That you just went and died?
Didlomdajon didlomdai,
That you just went and died?”

“What was I to do in this world,
Where everything has been determined?
Didlomdajom didlomdai,
Where everything has been determined?”

“Still I always thought,
It would happen to us,
Didlomdajom didlomdai,
It would happen to us.”

“Only now do I know, for certain,
This can never be.
Didlomdajon didlomdai,
This can never be.”

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