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B. 081. The Unlucky Swimmer

mersiowsky - 8-15-2015 at 10:01 AM

(From: Mr. Komar and Mr. Markus)
Translated by Ed Bernthal

On the mountains behind Remenz
You can see the big snow.
Even the power of the sun,
And the moon could not affect it.

But the warm wind came,
To thaw away the snow!
Look, the snow has melted,
Now you see much water.

Who has a loved one across the water,
And cannot get to her through the water?
A youth has his loved one there,
But he can no longer get close to her.

The lad swims through the water,
The girls lights the way - to the grave,
The light starts to go out
And he is no longer to be seen.

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