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A. 292. The Dance of Hell

mersiowsky - 9-26-2014 at 10:59 AM

Translated by Ed Bernthal

The shepherd drove out his sheep
Out into the green pasture.

Out into the green pasture he drove them,
There he heard a crying child.

‘You, my dear child,
I hear you, but I can’t see you.’

“In the old pasture
I am all covered with reisern.”

“Pull me out, my shepherd,
Carry me to the wedding house.”

“There where my mother today
Has a wedding in the green garlands.”

“Good evening, wedding guests,
My mother is the bride.”

“She has already borne nine of us
And the tenth she is carrying.”

‘If I am your mother,
The devil will come through the window.’

‘Tear off from me my green wreath,
And dance with me the dance of hell.’

Hardly had the word been spoken,
When the devil came in through the window.

Tore off from her the green wreath,
And flew with her out of the window.

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