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A. 288. The Destroyed City

mersiowsky - 9-26-2014 at 10:46 AM

(From Kotten)
Translated by Ed Bernthal

The Lord God drove into the city
On his green wagon,
Yes, green wagon.

He had not come into half of the city,
When he stayed standing in the middle of the city,
Yes, standing in the city.

No one came out to him only,
A single old priest,
Yes, old priest.

‘Tell me, why are you weeping, son of God?’
“But why shall I not weep here,
Yes, weep here?”

“A great sign stands over the city,
A great sign, a bloody sword,
Yes, bloody sword.”

“On the one side, a bloody sword
And on the other side a black cross,
Yes, black cross.”

‘What does the bloody cross mean?’
“It means, yes means, a great pestilence
Yes, and starvation.”

“Mothers then eat the little children,
They do not eat ever in peace,
Yes, not ever.”

“A little boy came walking,
Do not tear him out of my hand
Yes, out of my hand.”

Then soldiers passed by there,
Soldiers from a foreign land passed by,
Yes, passed by.

But as they looked around,
They did not hear anything further there,
Yes, heard there.

Except for the crying of the old people,
Like the crying of little children,
Yes, crying of children.

Then travelers passed by there,
Travelers from foreign lands,
Yes, from foreign lands.

They said to each other,
‘O my God, just look at that,
Yes, look at that.’

‘Where once there was a city,
Now not a stone is left on the other anymore,
Yes, left anymore.’

‘Let us now pray to God,
That God the Lord may protect us,
Yes, God the Lord.’

‘That God the Lord may protect us,
From such a disaster and heart ache,
Yes, heart ache.’

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