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A. 257. A Bad Future

mersiowsky - 9-5-2014 at 09:21 AM

Translated by Ed Bernthal

‘Come, girl, and take me and be smart
With me you will have a very good time.’

‘Here you will not have to go to church
It is enough that your mother will understand the preaching.’

‘You won’t have to get water anymore
You will have enough tears to cry here.’

‘You will not have to chop wood
You will get enough beatings here.’

“Without improvement, without improvement, my dear
I would rather be buried alive.”

‘So bury yourself, or don’t do it
Without improvement, I will not come.’

‘If you want to become our sister-in-law
A different life I submit to you.’

“Even if I would become your sister-in-law
A different life, I will not consider.”

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