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A. 183. The Morning Visit

mersiowsky - 6-26-2014 at 10:24 PM

(from Kotten)
Translated by H. Melvin Symmank

'Annette, Oh you brown little eyes,
Open to me your little room!'
"I cannot open the little room for you,
Today it is too late."

"Mother with the crescent skirt
Already goes around in the yard
Our black trumpet pigeons
Also drum nicely dum-de-rum."

"Lad, if you do not want to leave,
I'll strike you thereto with the club.
If you come here at evening,
My dearest, when all of ours are asleep."

'For a long time I would have come to you,
I did not know the way and path
The way which goes through the village,
The pathway goes behind the barn.'

'If I had come through the village,
Every dog betrays me there
If I go behind the barn,
I throw fences all around.'

If I walk into through the garden,
Should I pick off all the roses
Part of them for all girls,
Every one, sweetheart two.'

"Pluck what you wish, dearest,
Only let the red remain for me
Yes , I must twist a wreath from them
When we go into the wedding."

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