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A. 096. The Orphan's Complaint and Comfort

mersiowsky - 5-12-2014 at 04:27 PM

(From Wittichenau)
Translated by H. Melvin Symmank

I am thus in misery in this world,
Just as the little bird in the grove.

The little bird flies here and there in joy,
And sings his song on the green bough.

But I may come in wherein I only will,
And above all I am so completely alone;

And nowhere have I anyone here,
Except only my lonely sorrowing heart.

Oh, mourn not, mourn not sorrowing heart,
There will be a day, there will be a day it will be better for me.

It has never yet been so bad,
That it has not once again become better.

Yet God has enough for all on the world,
Yet never enough for widows and orphans.

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