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A. 024. Unbroken Love

mersiowsky - 3-5-2014 at 12:31 PM

(From Lohsa)
Translated by Ed Bernthal

In the evening, in the evening, it was very dark,
There were no lights in the town anymore.

No one had light anymore in the town,
No lark sang anymore there on the Rhine.

The youth was bringing home his maiden,
He took her past the green forest.

He took her past the bushes in the meadow,
And talked so much about everything.

There, they told each other much,
There they complained bitterly about their problem.

‘If you are scolded, my dear, because of me,
I will go there and get scolded because of you.’

“Would our love have been ended so quickly
When we were united earlier?”

“Would it have been ended by rain and wind
When we were united earlier?”

“Would it have been blown away by the wind
And have been dissipated in the flowing rain?”

“Steel and iron are very strong,
Our love is stronger still.”

”Iron and steel vanish, they die,
But our love will last forever!”

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