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Samples of DNA Reports and Results

webmaster - 4-3-2013 at 09:03 AM

Russell had his DNA tested by earlier this year. Attached is a screen shot of the Report Summary Page.

There is much more information available in the report, including names of possible relatives who have also provided their DNA for testing.

There are multiple DNA tests available, and several companies which are involved in this type of research. Family Tree DNA, with the largest DNA database worldwide, has offered us special discounts, valid through May 21st, 2013! If you have been thinking about getting your DNA tested for genealogy purposes or to validate where you think your ancestors may have come from, you may want to take advantage of their offer. Click for a description of the various tests, what they accomplish, and who they are recommended for. Only select tests are eligible for our discounts, so please view the submission form at the Family Tree DNA link above for these.

Russell DNA Testing by Ancestry(dot)com.png - 381kB
Click image for larger version.

Wendish DNA Project->join?

Roger.Bagula - 5-12-2014 at 07:49 AM

I have my DNA profile at both Ancestry and Family tree DNA.
How do I join the project?
I'm Wendish on my father's side by great great grandfatherGottfried Bagola , brother
of Friedrich Bagola, called Fritz, the poacher:
Friedrich Bagola (1850 - 1888)
is your great grand uncle
Martin Bagola (1804 - 1879)
father of Friedrich Bagola
Gottfried Henry ( born) Bagola Bagula Mr (1848 - 1908)
son of Martin Bagola
Otto Martin Bagula (1884 - 1960)
son of Gottfried Henry ( born) Bagola Bagula Mr
Frederick Henry Martin Bagula (1908 - 1999)
son of Otto Martin Bagula
Roger Lee Bagula
You are the son of Frederick Henry Martin Bagula - (not you?)
Roger Bagula

Wendish DNA

mersiowsky - 5-13-2014 at 07:50 PM

Hi Roger,

I am one of the creators of the Wendish Research Exchange. We are still in the stage of getting our act together with regard to the Wendish DNA project and we welcome your enthusiasm.

Can you tell me more about your Wendish ancestor like where he lived in Germany, did he emigrate and where to, where does the family live now etc?

How can we communicate with you outside of the forum? My email is

Weldon Mersiovsky

A possible Native American Wend connection?

Roger.Bagula - 5-18-2014 at 07:42 AM

I had an great Aunt and a second cousin who thought that
this Bagola branch might be connected to us:
George Bagola
Birth ABT 1869 in Cheyenne River, Dewey, South Dakota, USA
Death 1933 in Dewey, South Dakota, United States

There is no way this could be verified from historical records ( I've tried).
Only a dna test of living Dakota Bagola relatives could
tell if they are related.
Since Wends have been treated in Germany in a similar way to Native Americans in the USA the connection would be ironic?
Roger Bagula

A link found in a search->yDNA of Sorbs

Roger.Bagula - 5-18-2014 at 07:46 AM
This kind of DNA test refers to the male yDNA test:
"In Europe, R1a, again almost entirely in the R1a1a sub-clade, is found at highest levels among peoples of Eastern European descent (Sorbs, Poles, Russians and Ukrainians; 50 to 65%)."

Two research papers on Wend/Sorb DNA studies

Roger.Bagula - 5-18-2014 at 07:50 AM

"[...] To examine Sorbian genetic diversity within the context of other European populations, we analyzed genotype data for over 30,000 autosomal single-nucleotide polymorphisms from over 200 Sorbs individuals. We compare the Sorbs with other European individuals, including samples from population isolates. Despite their geographical proximity to German speakers, the Sorbs showed greatest genetic similarity to Polish and Czech individuals, consistent with the linguistic proximity of Sorbian to other West Slavic languages. The Sorbs also showed evidence of subtle levels of genetic isolation in comparison with samples from non-isolated European populations. The level of genetic isolation was less than that observed for the Sardinians and French Basque, who were clear outliers on multiple measures of isolation. [...]"

"[...] The Sorbs are of Slavonic origin, and lived in ethnic isolation among the Germanic majority during the past 1100 years. [...] This historical evidence establishing the Sorbs as a genetic isolate is substantiated by extended homozygosity and differences in allele frequency distribution compared with an outbred population. [...]"

Places where DNA samples can be placed

Roger.Bagula - 5-18-2014 at 08:02 AM

The idea here is to get the most information at the least price:
A test for $99 plus postage gets an Autosome type test from
Analysis of matches is available at by uploading the downloaded Ancestry file data archive:
And the Ancestry test can be used in Family tree dna by getting a $69 kit that takes the Ancestry file data:
We really need to get as many people of Wend / Sorb ancestry to donate their DNA so we can get a real database started.

My own picture of where my DNA is from

Roger.Bagula - 5-18-2014 at 08:15 AM

This picture is a screen capture from Family tree DNA with 4 matches shown:

Attachment: dna_Roger_Bagula_regions.tiff (501kB)
This file has been downloaded 420 times

A Story of the Bagulas: The Arkansas flyer in Drachhausen

Roger.Bagula - 5-18-2014 at 08:22 AM

This story is parallel to the one of my great grand uncle Fritz ( Friedrick) Bagola, the poacher:
My great grandfather came to Arkansas originally due to a flyer about a sawmill
there that seems to have circulated in Germany ( a scam to get workers for the Arkansas lumber
industry). My great grandfather left a notebook to my grandfather with furniture designs,
and the legend was that Gottfried was an inventor and wood carver
who had besides his grocer-bakery an ice house in East St. Louis.
The legend was that he had stolen the Tollmann family jewels and sold
them to get the money for trip to America and the sawmill once they
got there. He was afraid of the German police, but since they left his step son Albert
and he named his children the same as Gottfried did his, they probably
has some contact after he got to St. Louis.
My grandfather left for California in 1914
so he wouldn't have to fight against his German relatives .
None of the Bagula here have been cowards but none have liked the draft
in the USA or Germany.
My great uncle Fredrick Bagular changed his name to elist
in the Rough Riders with his St. Louis friends and that is how
we ended up in California as the Teddy Rooosevelt 1903 reunion of the Rough Riders was in
California and Uncle Fred hopped a freight train to get to the reunion and had many adventures
which he told the younger generation when he got back. He got malaria. in Cuba
and it recurred his whole life and in 1932 he got a government Pension for Veterans
of the Spanish American war which was the first genealogy paperwork I was successful
in getting from the Archives in the 1980's.
So with the Germans denying that there were Bagula's or Bagola's for
40 years, it wasn't until the wall came down and the internet opened up
searches that I actually found my relatives and the documentation to back it up.
What I would like to do is find any cousins in the Wends in America
that I don't know about using my DNA searches.

What does Bagola mean in Sorbish?

Roger.Bagula - 5-18-2014 at 08:34 AM

They fellow who has been immeasurably helpful in giving me the Walter Wenzel book reference
is Milan Tyler-Pohontsch at:
He gave me the Walter Wenzel ( translated) version, but in another place I found it translated differently;
that interpretation of Bagola is the same as "care taker" :

Begin forwarded message:

"The very same author also researched family names in Lower Lusatia (book: Niedersorbische Personennamen aus Kirchenbüchern des 16. bis 18. Jahrhunderts; published in Bautzen, Germany, in 2004). Found are there three entries that relate to your family name: Bagola, Bagula, and Bogula. He states that the family name is derived from the Wendish “bagowaś”, which means to foster, to nurse, or to nourish."

Bagola family tree with living In USA and Germany

Roger.Bagula - 5-18-2014 at 11:06 AM

My German/ Wend contact is a Cousin Karin Tschuck:

1 Martin Bagola b: 1804 d: 5 May 1879
+ Liese ( Liesa) Domann b: 14 Mar 1812 d: 18 May 1874
2 Matthes Bagola b: 1833
+ Liesa Verh. Koal Rinza b: abt 1840
3 Anna Bagola b: 06 Jun 1864
3 Matthes Bagola b: 01 Mar 1870
2 Martin Bagola b: 1835 d: 7 Sep 1880
+ Christiane Mattik
3 Anna Genannt Plowka Bagola b: 30 Nov 1870
+ Martin Jr. Domann b: 4 Nov 1865
+ Christian Hasatzky b: 20 Nov 1860
+ Wilhelm Stocklina b: 30 Jan 1865
3 Anna Elisabeth Bagola b: 27 April 1874
+ Anna Lukas b: 9 Jan 1831 d: 16 Dec 1892
3 Martin Iii Bagola b: 19 July 1862
4 Martin Iv Bagola b: 26 Sept 1903
3 Anna Bagola b: 23 Apr 1865
3 Martin Gennant Plowka Bagola b: Summer 1867
+ Living Mattick
4 Marianne Genannt Plowka Bagola b: 30 Jun 1883
+ Max Martin Thabow b: 2 Jul 1879
5 Anna Thabow b: 8 Feb 1908 d: 1975
5 Marianne Thabow b: 8 Jun 1912 d: 29 Oct 1996
5 Max Thabow b: 3 Oct 1919 d: 1993
+ Anna Borisch b: Abt. 1920 d: 01 May 1968
2 Christian Bagola b: 1837 d: 1894
+ Caroline Post
3 Anna Bagola b: 29 Sep 1873
+ Gottfried Rinza b: 24 Sep 1875
4 Marianne Rinza b: 25 Oct 1901
4 Friedrich Rinza b: 29 Feb 1904
4 Gottfried Jr. Rinza b: 23 Oct 1907
2 Johann "Hans" Bagola b: 1839 d: 1918
+ Liesa Rinza b: 1824 d: 22 Jun 1859
3 Anna Bagola b: 11 Oct 1863
3 Martin Bagola b: 15 Sep 1872
2 Anna Bagola b: 1842 d: 1853
2 Liese ( Elisabeth) Budarick Bagola b: 1847
2 Gottfried Henry ( born) Bagola Bagula Mr b: 16 oct 1848 d: 1908
+ Aloine Adelheide Leopoldine Bagola Tollmann b: Jan 1851 d: 22 MAR 1887
3 Marie Alwine Bagola b: 15 Feb 1874 d: 25 Mar 1874
3 Fredrick Eduard Bagula (R) Bagola b: 7 Mar 1875 d: 1953
+ Margaret Larmie d: 28 NOV 1953
3 Gottfried Paul Bagula b: 11 April 1877 d: 29 SEP 1893
3 Otto Karl Heinrich Bagola b: 5 Jul 1879 d: 11 sept 1879
3 Anna Elisabeth Gamache Bagula b: 26 Jul 1880 d: 27 APR 1962
+ Girard Albert Gamache b: 25 Jul 1879 d: 1936
4 Richard F. Gamache b: 10 JUL 1908 d: 1972
+ Elsie Beatrice Arntfield b: 03 JUL 1913
5 Eleanor Frances Gamache b: 12 OCT 1933 d: 03 DEC 1999
5 Richard George Gamache b: 19 DEC 1936 d: 18 FEB 1972
+ Elsie Beatrice Arntfield b: 03 JUL 1913
4 Sylvester Gamache b: 21 JAN 1911 d: 05 DEC 1977
4 Joseph Gamache b: 10 MAR 1915 d: 26 MAR 1961
4 James Gamache b: 30 OCT 1917 d: 18 MAR 1980
4 Polly Gamache
4 Marie E Gamache b: 3 May 1913 d: 13 Feb 2002
+ Fredrick C Carleton b: 31 Oct 1900 d: 1989
5 William Fredrick Carleton b: 10 Jul 1932 d: 8 Sep 2008
3 Otto Martin Bagula b: 20 AUG 1884 d: 02 NOV 1960
+ Laura May Robinson b: 13 OCT 1893 d: 27 SEP 1977
4 Frederick Henry Martin Bagula b: 19 JUL 1908 d: 17 SEP 1999 + Amy Jewel Bagula Torgerson b: 12 AUG 1920 d: 16 JAN 1998 5 Living Bagula + Jaunita Lamae Jenne b: 11 FEB 1945 d: 21 SEP 2001 6 Living Bagula + Living Berson + Living Robles + Living Hernandez 5 Living Bagula
+ Marise Darling b: 6 April 1921
4 Paul Robert Otto Bagula b: 13 JAN 1911 d: 10 NOV 1989
+ Gertrude "Ruby" E. Frazier Bagula Kelly b: 05 MAR 1918 d: 01 OCT 2001
5 Ruthie Bagula b: about 1938 d: about 1998
4 Hazel Laura Still Enid Bagula b: 24 JUN 1913 d: 06 DEC 1998
+ John Herbert Hughs Bonner b: 10 SEP 1893 d: 05 DEC 1952
5 Living Bonner
+ Living Musil
6 Living Musil
5 Pamela Katherine Bonner Cima b: 22 Oct 1943 d: abt 2012
+ Donald Francis Cima b: abt 1940 d: abt 2009
+ William "Bill" Enid
5 Living Enid
+ Donald J McFarland b: ABT 1920
+ Joe Joy Still
5 Living Still
+ Living Rojas
6 Living Rojas
6 Living Rojas
+ Living Gardella
+ Living Paladino
4 Floyd Thomas Bagula b: 06 JUL 1915 d: 20 FEB 1996
+ Laura May Bagula Mensch b: 15 MAY 1921 d: AUG 1989
5 Living Bagula
+ Living Johns
6 Living Bagula
+ Living Floyd
6 Living Bagula
+ Living Stratton
+ Living Johns
5 Living Bagula
+ Living Anderson
+ Living Foller
+ Anna Alene (Margret) Waller b: 22 JAN 1920 d: 17 OCT 1999
5 Living Bagula
+ Thomas Bagnowski b: 23 Feb 1941 d: 11 Jun 2004
6 Living Bagnowski
6 Living Bagnowski
4 Margaret Warner Davis Bagula b: 1918
+ Lloyd R Warner b: abt 1915
5 Living Warner
5 Living Warner
5 Rodney D Warner b: 10 Feb 1947 d: 14 Jul 1994
4 May Umbarger Thompson Bagula b: 1920 d: 2006
+ Harold E. Umbarger b: 10 Mar 1918 d: 24 Jun 1978
5 Living Umbarger
5 Living Umbarger
+ Living Smith
+ James Thompson
4 Oliver John Bagula b: 12 Dec 1924 d: 07 APR 2003
+ Anita Bagula Macdougall b: 2 Feb 1925
5 Living Bagula
+ Angela Denise Hume b: 07 JAN 1949 d: 16 APR 2001
6 Daniel M. Bagula b: 16 Nov 1967 d: 1994
6 Lisa Marie Bagula b: 21 JUL 1969 d: 23 MAY 1976
6 Living Bagula
5 Wayn Robert Bagula b: 05 FEB 1944 d: 29 APR 1979
+ Living Martin
5 Living Bagula
+ Living Hall
5 Living Bagula
+ Living Stille
6 Living Bagula
+ Johanne Bagula Graham Jerouschek b: abt 1868
2 Friedrich Bagola b: 06 DEC 1850 d: 30 NOV 1888
+ Anna Liesa Schulze b: About 1852
3 Wilhelm Bagola b: 13 Apr 1870
3 Johann Gottlieb Bagolla b: 23 Nov 1871 d: about 1917
3 Friedrich Wilhelm Bagola b: 1873 d: 07 Sep 1874
3 Matthes Bagola b: about 1874
3 Liesa Bagola b: About 1876
3 Christian Bagola b: 3 Jan 1881 d: 3 July 1969
+ Marie Hannusch b: 12 Feb 1884 d: 7 Oct 1976
4 Maria Martha Bagola b: 11 dec 1908
4 Willi Bagola b: 12 Mar 1911 d: 3 May 1999
+ Marie Shultz b: 24 dec 1912 d: 20 Jan 2005
5 Klaus Bagola
5 Living Bagola
5 Living Bagola
5 Living Bagola
5 Living Bagola
+ Anna Schorradt b: 21 Nov 1934 d: 17 Apr 2010 6 Living Bagola + Living Tschuck
5 Living Bagola
4 Else Bagola b: 1912
4 Margarete Bagola b: 1914
4 Erika Bagola b: 1916
4 Walter Bagola b: 23 oct 1919 d: 2010
4 Helmut Oskar Paul Bagola b: Nov 13, 1923
2 Anna Bagola b: 1853 d: 1923 test results

pzfahrer - 6-19-2014 at 08:50 AM

I recently did some checking of the results from my testing, comparing those from and Family Tree DNA, and discovered something startling. My results from Ancestry were not only shown in a different format than from a year ago but had very different percentages of each ethnic grouping! I will admit that the format now closely resembles the manner in which Family Tree displays results (with differing ethnic groupings of course) but I am amazed at how different the numbers were from that shown by Ancestry previously. Everybody should probably go back and re-check their results at Ancestry to see if they have also changed.

four Canadian Wend cousins on Ancestry

Roger.Bagula - 11-29-2018 at 11:42 AM

Just recently these cousins from the Canadian Wends from the Bagola line in Germany showed up related to me in ancestry and their family trees check out fine.
Wend Dna even at the 4th cousin level is still distinctive.