The Wendish Research Exchange

Texas Wendish Heritage Society: Digital Presence

webmaster - 4-6-2012 at 10:35 AM

  1. Objective: Make the TWHS Museum the center of Wendish research in Texas, with Global participation. Promote research and collaboration to digitize and organize collections of Wendish documents, photos, videos, audio recordings, and all historically significant materials.
  2. Participants: Weldon Mersiovsky, Dan and Suzanna Carter, Kathe Richards, John White, Ron Schatte, Robert and Pat Proft, Marlene Magness, Dave Goeke, George Nielsen.
  3. Project Manager: Dan Carter
  4. Cost: Ongoing costs. Expenses to date > $250. All donated by the participants.
  5. Status: Wendish Research Exchange ( is being developed.
  6. Who has materials: Participants.
  7. What is needed: Volunteers. See

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