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Wendish Folklore Portfolio Cover. HADŹACY KRAL - The Serpent King

mersiowsky - 10-18-2017 at 09:32 PM

The Serpent King
Translated by David Goeke

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In the picture a child and the Serpent King, hadźacy kral, are illustrated. The child is giving him a bowl of milk. The serpent always appears as a friend of the poor and hardworking Spreewald farmers, where he finds a home and food.

In the Niederlausitz people believe that in every house live two serpents, who bring good fortune and health to all of the inhabitants. On serpent is called Gospodar and the other Gosposa. If the father of the house dies, then the serpent Gospodar also dies; if the mother of the house dies, the serpent Gosposa also meets its end.

The serpents had a king. He wore a glittering crown. Whoever was brought into his presence, would become rich. But, many other serpents protected the serpent king, and it was difficult to get to him. The serpents especially liked to come to children. They would do them no harm.