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Wendish Folklore Portfolio 12. GRABY - The Hooved Forest Spirit

mersiowsky - 7-22-2014 at 08:33 AM

12. GRABY - The Hooved Forest Spirit
Translated by Elmer Hohle

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This particular form from the world of myth as found only in the Muskau meadow forests. They were wild, impetuously violent fellows. People said that they were completely covered with hair, very big, and uncouth. They wore human clothing. But they were easily identifiable because their feet were like horse hooves. They were so strong that they could tear apart a horse, and they did eat horsemeat. People called them "graby", but also "draby". (graby = forest spirit with animal legs, draby = old shredded clothes.)

The young ladies were scared of them whenever they went through the village at night. You could frequently see them listening to dance music. But they themselves couldn't dance. They especially liked to hang out around the spin room when the young men were not present. They would listen to the singing and tried to socialize the girls - but their overtures were always rejected. If they wanted to frighten the Spin girls, they would remain outside, push open the little windows of the plank houses, and stick their horse hooves through the window. Then none of the girls wanted to go home alone.